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Archive Shuttle 10.5 empowers laser-focused archive migration

Sep 16, 2021 by Chris Cahill

New archive migration superpowers in Archive Shuttle 10.5

Archive Shuttle 10.5 sees the arrival of two key features that enhance the customer experience and set new standards in the world of archive migration.

The new additions are:

  1. Support for Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator as a source
  2. Introduction of pre-migration workflow capabilities

These substantial upgrades are designed to facilitate increasingly common requests, expanding the scope and precision of archive migration projects with superior customization options allowing you to search, review and export highly specified data.

More details on these enhancements are outlined below.

Export EV Discovery Accelerator content

Discovery Accelerator is an Enterprise Vault add-on designed to assist with eDiscovery cases. Typically, legal teams request information such as communication records between certain mailboxes or messages containing specific content, and Discovery Accelerator allows authorized users to rapidly collate journal data into cases.

This content can then be shared with nominated individuals for review, and data deemed relevant to the case is commonly exported as PST files – which are then presented as evidence.

However, like any form of journal archive migration, this process can be challenging for many organizations, and one customer recently asked if we could migrate Discovery Accelerator output to other targets, such as shared Exchange mailboxes. The ability to maintain and manage case-based data beyond the legal process was a big driver for them.

Spotting an opportunity to offer customized case-by-case migration services, our development team has now engineered a process for Discovery Accelerator to be treated as a source platform, allowing you to tailor your archive migration like never before – exporting EVDA content to a wide variety of supported targets.

With great power, comes great opportunity

While the origin story of this feature centered on the request to provide advanced options for legal cases, like all superpowers, this unique ability opens the door to a new world of possibilities when applied in the right way.

Discovery Accelerator is Enterprise Vault’s most comprehensive search utility, allowing users to run queries against huge volumes of data. Essentially, anything that is searchable within EV is accessible via DA, which means we now have the capacity to pre-stage migrations with laser-focused precision.

Whether you need to search and export every email containing the word ‘superman’ throughout your entire organization over a 10-year period, or perhaps exclude details such as credit card numbers, or you only need to move data from domains splitting off in a divestiture, the notion of ‘selective migrations’ is elevated to a whole new level.

We’ve always been able to export specific users from a journal archive, but now you can filter with pinpoint granularity, allowing you to define the exact parameters of your archive migration. Simply create your search criteria within Discovery Accelerator, review a sample of data to ensure it meets your needs, and then export it to your chosen target via Archive Shuttle.

Most Enterprise Vault migration projects are ‘one and done’, with many organizations moving legacy content to the cloud. However, if you don’t plan to retire your EV environment, the ability to export DA cases for whatever purpose – legal or otherwise – allows you to design tailor-made migrations whenever the need arises.

Introducing pre-migration workflows

Pre-migration workflow functionality is also now available within Archive Shuttle, allowing operators to design custom workflows to execute a series of actions before migration begins.

You can now automate tasks such as emailing users to inform them migration has started, or you can disable EV archiving prior to a mailbox migration. You can also elect to put archive mailboxes on hold prior to importing data, eliminating the risk of rule-based or user deletions during migration.

All the nuances that go into projects on a per-user basis, such as managing shortcuts or manually starting an archive migration once the mailbox move is complete, can now be automated to accelerate the migration process.

Customizable PowerShell commands are incorporated into the product, making this feature infinitely expandable to suit your project requirements.

Archive migration services

The enhancements to Archive Shuttle 10.5 make it the most comprehensive solution on the market, offering unique options for legal cases and eDiscovery migrations, and customizable workflows that enable a more seamless user experience.

To learn more about our ‘fixed cost, fixed outcome’ email archive migration services and to book a discovery call with our expert team, please contact us today.

Tell us your project requirements, how much data you need to move, any challenging intricacies of your environment, and we’ll talk you through your options for a tailor-made migration.

If this product update got you excited, wait till you see what we have in store for Archive Shuttle 10.6…