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Communication Template: External Sharing Links in Tenant to Tenant Migrations

May 12, 2020 by Mike Weaver

Users sat on clouds, sharing links.

One major challenge organizations face when Office 365 tenant migration tools is the impact migration has on shared documents.

Sharing document links is extremely constructive and provides ease of sharing, facilitating collaboration both inside your own organization and with external stakeholders. Unfortunately, these links become a ‘causality’ during the migration process, broken by no fault of their own, and in order to remedy the situation several steps must be taken to resume utilization.

I’ve written an in-depth article on this for Practical 365, covering all the different scenarios that can happen during a tenant to tenant migration. These involve storage location changes, out of date permissions and change-to policies, and internal/external sharing. You can read about these in more technical detail here.

Clear communication

Over the years, I have found a major way to successfully combat issues that amount from shared links is to have a proper communication plan in place.

Therefore, I have developed several Office 365 Migration Communication Templates, which have proven to be amongst our most popular downloads. These can be a great jumping-off point for you to craft your own tenant to tenant migration communication plan around.

Due to the positive response received around these templates, we have now expanded the popular resource to include the challenges of sharing across tenants. This article now includes templates for internal and external communications on sharing issues.

Our goal is to provide as much help and guidance as we can around these issues, since our experience in this area has provided us with a unique opportunity to share what we’ve gleaned through years of hard work.

MAD projects

The fact is, tenant to tenant migrations resulting from a merger, acquisition or divestiture (MAD) project is an extremely niche space, and one that we have a core focus on and specialized experience with here at Quadrotech.

There are many nuances and complications that must be deftly navigated in order to achieve a smooth, swift migration, and we have expertly guided many enterprise organizations on how to execute these difficult projects with positive outcomes.

Contact us if you have questions around a particular migration project.

Additionally, if you find these templates helpful, have one of your own to add, or desire another type of template, please get in touch. We welcome constructive feedback and are constantly incorporating our customer insights into our products and services in order to better serve you.